My name's Thomas Anthony and I'm 22 years old. I'm not really definable, and this may help prove that.

Being ugly’s hard, but someones got to do it.

Posted 23 Nov

Well it’s official, I’m ugly and that’s all there is to it. GOODNIGHT DENISE!

Posted 9 Oct

Do you ever feel like you’re almost attractive? Like your features are almost chiseled, my skin is almost clear, my lips are almost full. An almost symmetrical face, a heavy brow.

When you’re stuck in between pretty and handsome, so you can’t ever be androgynous. Then there’s your body, almost thin enough, just a smidgen too tall, your hips are too wide set. God “almost” is such an evil word.

Posted 22 Aug

So I guess I have a “fucked up face”?

That just hits me right in the self-esteem.

Posted 16 Aug

Hmmm I hate my stomach, and my forehead. I’m just an ugly lonely boy.

Where are some friends who’ll drink and do drugs with me? I need to escape.

Posted 11 Jun

My height has been completely jaded. I feel disgusting! Guys only want small petite frames, not someone like me. People don’t know what it feels like to want to peel off your own skin.

All I do is cry, sitting around at night thinking about how much I hate my body. Imagining that if I had more attractive I’d still be in a relationship. It’s just I try so hard only to feel as though nobody’s ever happy with me. 

Posted 7 Jun

I’m unlovable and ugly. Guys are generic and predictable. Kill me.

Posted 3 Jun
ugly up n’ dis place

One of the most hurtful things said about me was once when I went out dancing. And I took my top off for a crazy moment, and these guys were kind of smirking at me.

And one guy motioned to the other and said “sad his face doesn’t match his body…” 

So my face is just ugly, that’s it.

Posted 14 May